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Flying Models plans are now available again!!
Go to: to order!

Check out our 'Baby' Pattern Kits!

Choose between The Troublemaker, Banshee, Nutcracker, Mach One, Curare, Eyeball, Tiger Tail and Phoenix.  Great flying pattern aircraft for small areas, for glow or electric power.

Due to shipping changes, Baby kits can now be shipped using 'First Class International' which saves a lot on shipping.   Email for a international shipping quote on baby kits.

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Wing tube hole, spar slots, and servo wire holes now can be added in all wings.
Contact us for a quote.

Oversized Shipping:

For certain US destinations, mostly both coasts, an additional shipping charge may have to be added for some foam wings, since the shopping cart can not deal with size issues.  In most cases, the shipping will be changed to retailground, to avoid any price increase.  If that can not be done, you will be contacted with any extra change before the wings are cut, so you can opt out if the shipping becomes too high.  This will often happen when on multiple wings ordered together. 

Items marked as 'Oversized' are bigger than the standard shipping size, which increases the shipping price. This is not under our control, but controlled by the shipping companies. After a certain size, they go by size instead of weight, which is an issue for foam wings.

This may not apply to international orders, so contact us for shipping on oversized items.  If you order and the cart calculates shipping wrong, you will get a credit on the difference to be applied to your next order.

Due to box size limits, kits with foam wings, and some foam wings,  may not be shippable to all countries.  Contact us if you are not sure of the size limits for your country.

When you order a kit and need the RCM plans,a full size PDF of the plans will be emailed to you, so you can get it printed locally.  We have no access to local printing.

 Click here to download other RCM plans:

If plans are still available from the original source (magazines, designers, etc), we will not / can not sell them.  The link to where you can purchase the plans is on the page for each kit.

If they are no longer available, will will reprint them for sale with your kit, and the price will be on the kit page. If they are not listed on the page, you need to order them from the magazine.

Shipping Info:

Delivery Time:

Please note that all kits and wings are cut to order.  Orders are normally sent out within 4 weeks from the day the order was placed, but that time can be shorter or longer, depending on how busy we are, up to 6 weeks.  Items are cut and shipped as close as possible to the order they are received. Your patience is appreciated. We are one of the few doing this kind of work, so we are busy.  Quality will not be compromised for the sake of expediency.  

If ordering from Puerto Rico, Select United States, then put in your zip code.


All kits and wings shipped to Non-US destinations will now be coded with the following HS code:

9503.20 : Reduced-size scale model assembly kits

All countries that have adopted the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (HS) of tariff nomenclature should allow these items in duty free. Check and see if your country is following these rules, if they are, there will be no import duties on the kits or wings ordered.

Check out the 'new old stock' stuff on the Accessories page! 

We accept the following payment options:

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We get phone calls and emails wondering if we still sell all the kits and wings on this site. 


We know a lot of companies are abandoning the RC community, but still leave the web sites up till the host finally takes them down for non-payment. We are not going anywhere, we are here to stay, in fact we are growing, thanks to a lot of loyal and happy customers.

Eureka Aircraft is the largest supplier of foam wings in the US. We have a selection of over 600 wings to choose from, from the past 40+ years. We will be always adding to the list of new wings available. All wings are CNC cut, for the highest possible quality.

If you don't see the wing you need, contact us and we can get the foam wing cut for you.

This includes custom wing cutting

If you don't see the foam wing you are looking for in the alphabetical list, contact us, since the list is not fully updated at this time.

We cut our kits in house with a CNC router. Laser accuracy without the burn! No more laser 'slime' to clean or sand!

37% Challenger II Biplane

A very scale version the 'Oracle' sponsored plane flown by Sean Tucker.

If you are tired of Big Ultimates dressed up to imitate the Challenger II, This is for you!

85.75" Top Wing

80.75" Bottom Wing

85.25" fuse length

Engine 4.4 Cu. Inch and up

Wing Area 2475 Sq. Inch

Foam Wing for Mark Rittenger's Pharaoh (WT-2)  $30  

Jeff Carder's LIGHTNING F3A pattern plane Short Kit is here!

Hot New Items!

New Kits from Plans:

Cloud Dancer 120 (86" - 98"ws)

Omen II Pattern Plane (92"ws)

Super Sportster 120 (72"ws)

 Simla Pattern Plane (96"ws)

 Simitar Classic (64"ws)

 Big C (Giant Scale Canard) (90"ws)

 Avanti pattern plane (60"ws)

 New & Imporved NEBULA 2 glider Full Kit (125"ws)

 Simitar Slo Motion 15 (60"ws)

 Simitar TWIN .19 x 2 (60"ws)

 Future Shock Simitar (56.5" ws)

 50 Caliber Twin

 Cobra Bipe Wood Wings

 56" IA-58 Pucara

 Simitar Bug's Ear

 90" C-130 Hercules

 Blue Angel Pattern Plane

 Ziroli DR-1

 Simitar Desperado 3000 & Wiseguy 3000

 Balsa USA Enforcer Ducted Fan MOD

 Hammer 40

 Classic Ugly Stick 60

 Daddy Rabbit 98/V1.5

 Baby Eyeball

 Baby Tiger Tail

 Hooker 60

 Simitar Tracer 120

 Ziroli P-38 has been updated

 Skyburner 60 ducted fan jet

 Simitar Tracer 60 and Slo Motion .09

 ME-410 Hornet (86" ws Twin)

   Original Lazy Bee (40"ws), and Big Lazy Bee (72"ws)

 Ziroli P-47 (92" WS)

 George Miller A-10 (78" WS)

 EU-1 Short Kit (Pattern Plane)

 Not For Sale! (53" WS)

 Cobra Biplane (MAN) (76" WS)

 Canard Stick (60" ws)

 Simitar  GIANT Pole Star (95" WS)

 original RCM Trainer by Bridi

 Douglas DC-3 , 62"ws

 Short Kits in the works

Sarpolis 'Sorta' Stearman

Sarpolis PT

 1/3 scale DR-1 and D-VIII from Weiss plans (now available from Ziroli Plans!)

All of the rights to J&J , Ravlin & Pac Models Kits are owned by EAC!

You have reached an ARF free zone!!

Are you tired of seeing the US trade deficit constantly getting bigger, as American workers loose their jobs to outsourcing? We sure are. We have been asked for ARFs  (or NPA's, No Pride Aircraft)  of our planes, and we will not import low quality ARFs.  Who knows how much lead is in the paint or the fiberglass they use? Who knows what is in the glue they use on only HALF of the necessary glue joints?

We are proud to sell short kits made in the USA to a worldwide user base.  Our support calls are handled right here in the Ozarks.

We are an American company producing high quality American made products, lowering the trade deficit one kit at a time!




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