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30% Stephens Akro

Legendary Aerobatic Aircraft

Designed by:

David W. Goerne

86.5" Wingspan , 67.5" Length
50cc-62cc engine
 CNC Router cut parts.

Canopy,  Cowl, Wheel Pants and Landing Gear are available.

If you want to find your own source, here is what the plans call for:

Landing Gear - #MLPG234 previously from Ace R/C.  Download Landing Gear dimensions

Wheel pants - B&B 86" Laser (30% laser) #122 from Fiberglass Specialties

Canopy -  90" WS Super Chipmunk - Aerotech Models

Cowl - 30% Laser will work. Fiberglass Specialties has one. If you look closely at the pictures, the difference between it and the Laser cowl is the side cheeks. On the Laser, the cheeks close to the back of the cowl. On the Akro, they are straight back, and are open at the back of the cowl.

2 sheets hand drawn plans by Mr. Goerne included with Fuse Kit. The plans show the built up wing, stab, and fin. 1 sheet 36 x 70 , 1 sheet 36 x 90. Plans are designed for the scratch builder, so parts are on the plans.

Download Mr. Goerne's original building documentation here.

Download list of wood needed to finish Foam Wing version here. This is the wood in the 'wood kit'. Only wood included, not hardware.

30% Stephens Akro Short Kit w/Plans (no wings) $125.00
Foam Wing/Stab/Fin (oversized) $95.00
  Wood Kit for foam wing version (see parts list) TBA
  Wood Wing Short Kit TBA
Aluminum Landing Gear $30.00
Fiberglass Cowl $45.00
Clear Canopy $25.00
  Fiberglass Wheel Pants (order #122 from Fiberglass Specialties)  
Printed Plans, 2 Sheets. 36" x 70" & 36" x 90" $45.00

If any accessories are ordered with the Akro kit, you will be credited after shipping. You will only be charged for actual shipping with pieces shipped together.

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More 'In the Bones' pictures of the original build (taken from some badly scanned slides) with a built up wing.  Not real good quality, but will give you a good idea about construction. Download the .zip file HERE. If I can find the slides, I will re-scan them.

Parts included in Short Kit.

2 Balsa Fuse Sides
2 Lite Ply Fuse side doublers
4 Wing 'Fillets'
1 1/4" PLY Foam Wing dihedral brace
1 1/4" Landing Gear Plate
1 3/8" PLY firewall (1/4" + 1/8" laminated)
9 1/8" Balsa formers
3 1/8" Lite Ply formers
4 1/8" 5-PLY formers
2 Printed plan sheets


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