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About the original J&J /RavLin / PAC Models kits.


The Troublemaker, Eyeball, Banshee, J-Bipe, J-Craft, Nebula II and Midget Mustang are the re-release of the original J&J/Ravlin kits.

The .25 Pack Cat, the .25 & .40 Cessna, the .40 Mooney, the  .40 Cherokee, and the 1/3 scale Cherokee are originally from Pac Models.

EAC bought the production rights from Dynamic Balsa, who had bought the rights from PAC models. I am in the progress of tracing the lineage the rest of the way back to J&J.

The are being produced using the original mylars, dies, and transparencies. All efforts have been made to keep the kit as it as close as possible to the original, while bringing manufacturing into the digital age. They are shipped with the ORIGINAL plans.

All efforts have been made to keep the planes as close to the original as possible.


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