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All of the kits cut by Eureka Aircraft

Short Kits from plans

50 Caliber Twin

A-10 (Miller) Atlas  


Alley Kat 'Baby' pattern kits Banshee Beachcomber

Beech D-18 114"ws (Ziroli)


Big C Giant Scale Canard Big Hots 91" Blue Angel
C-130 90" ws (FM) C-45  114"ws (Ziroli) Canard Stick Cessna 150 .25 size
Cessna 150 .40 size

Cloud Dancer 120
Cessna 140  1/4 scale RCM #1123

Cherokee 40

Challenger II Biplane 37% Cloud Dancer 120
Cobra Biplane (MAN) Compensator




  DC-3  (FM) #CF738    Daddy Rabbit 1

Daddy Rabbit 98/V1.5



Dirty Birdy Enforcer Ducted Fan Mod

Extra 3.25   

Eyeball EU-1   Firebolt
Fokker D-VIII 1/4 scale 83"ws (SAP)

Fokker D-VIII 62"ws (SAP)

Fokker DR-1 Triplane (Ziroli)   Fokker DR-1 1/4 scale Triplane 71" (SAP)

Fokker DR-1 Triplane 53" (SAP)

Gator Flea

Glassair TD 1/4 scale (SAP)

Hammer 40

Hawker Hurricane (FM)

Hooker 60

IA-58 Pucara 56"  

J-Craft Sport Trainer 40

J-Bipe Biplane

Junkers J-9 88"ws (FM) Junkers JU-52 (RCM) Kaos 60 (RCM #421) Kaos 90


Lightning F3A Mach 1 ME-410 Hornet 86"ws (FM)


Midget Mustang 40" Mooney 20B .25 size

Mooney 20B .40 size
Mustang X

Nebula II GLIDER 125"

Nieuport 17 1/4 scale 81"ws (SAP)

Nieuport 17 61"ws (SAP)

Not For Sale 53"

Omen II  92"ws  
P-38 Lightning 104"ws (FM) P-38 114"ws (Ziroli)  P-47
92" & 98" ws (Ziroli) 
P-51 -B or -D Mustang 84"ws (FM)

Pawnee Brave 77"WS

 1/6 scale

Phantom 1 Phoenix 1
Piper Cherokee 140 .40 size Piper Cherokee 1/3 scale 120"ws Prime Cut (MA)

Prime Cut +20

June 2011 MAN


Quickie 1/4 scale (MAN)

RCM Trainer by Bridi

  All SIMITAR Kits and Wings



Skyburner 60 (MAN)

Skyracer 84"  


Strikemaster (RCM)

Stuka 100" ws (Ziroli)

Sun Fli 4  
Super Kaos 60 (RCM #526) Super Kaos Jr (RCM #554) Super Sicroli II Super Sportster 90/120 72"
Sweetater Taube (Ziroli) Tiger Tail Tiporare

Trouble Maker

Classic Ugly Stick 60

Ultra Hots 81"



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