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Mooney 20B

.25 size Sport Aircraft

Original design by P.A.C. Models, 1985

.25 2-stroke / .20 -.40 4-stroke or Equivalent Electric Motor

 50.5" wingspan

.25 Size version of the Mooney.  Fuse has slots to match tabs on formers for easy to align construction.  Choice between built-up wood wing and foam wing.

Landing gear is not included at this time.

Mooney .25 Short Kit Wood Wing $75.00
Mooney .25 Short Kit Foam Wing $85.00
  Mooney .25 Full Kit Wood Wing TBA
  Mooney .25 Full Kit Foam Wing TBA

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  Short Kit Kit Contents:
2 Fuse Sides
1 Stab & Elevators(6 pieces)
1 Fin & Rudder (4 pieces)
2 Wing saddle doublers
1 Set 18 Wing Ribs
1 Firewall
1 Set of 7 formers
1 Strip Aileron Set  w/connectors
3 Control Horns
1 Plans
  Full Kit also includes the balsa sticks and sheeting to build plane. Some hardware is still required.

contents subject to change


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