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Short Kit

By Rhett Miller

tn_1.jpg tn_3.jpg

Wingspan 64" , Length 55.5"

.61 2C engine

Plane is SPA Legal

The Compensator  by Rhett Miller. 

There are 2 versions of the Compensator:

The first version is the standard Compensator, directly from the plans.

The second has the fuse is lengthened 1.5 inches, as per Sid Austin of Pyramid Hobbies. This was done on the original Compensator before 1976, so it is within SPA guidelines. It also helps balance the plane with heavier 4 stroke engines.

THERE IS NO PRICE INCREASE FOR THE LENGTHENED FUSE. If you want the extended length fuse, send an email after you order the kit requesting the longer fuse.

The plans show the foam wing with a shaped LE, so the sheeting is wrapped around the LE.  The foam wing will be cut for a 1/4" balsa LE, that is,  flat on the LE. If you prefer the foam to have a rounded LE, as shown on the plans,  email after ordering to tell us leave the LE rounded..

Canopy is included in kit

Click here to see wood parts included in short kit.

A PDF of the plans will be emailed when kit is shipped, so it can be printed locally.

Compensator Short Kit with Foam wing & Built up stab, as per plans, includes Canopy $165.00
Compensator Foam Wing $35.00
Compensator Canopy $15.00

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