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Cessna 140  1/4 scale


by Burnis Fields

From RCM plans #1123

Wing Span = 96" , 1400 sq. in.

Engine = .90 -1.20  cu.In. or .26cc gas

A very scale Cessna 140 with removable wings.  The kit includes all the wood in the parts list, plus a few pieces they forgot.

Only change is the formers that are shown from laminated 1/8" balsa, are cut from 1/4" lite ply.

PDF Plans (4 sheets) will be emailed so they can be printed

Build Article HERE

Parts included in short kit HERE

Cessna 140 1/4 scale short kit only with wood wing $180.00
Cessna 140 1/4 scale full wood kit with wood wing (oversized) $340.00

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