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Art Schroeder's

Eyeball MarkV



Full kits include all of the wood and you need to finish your Eyeball.

SPA legal

.61 2-stroke / .70 -.91 4-stroke

 62" wingspan

This is a re-release of the original J&J kit.

The original Eyeball designed by Art Schroeder. Many a contest was won with this design.

This is the Mark V version of the Eyeball, which is slightly longer than the first eyeball, along with a few minor mods. The original Eyeball was designed in 1970, the enhanced Mark V was released in 1972.

No hardware is included.

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 Eyeball Short Kit Wood Wing $120.00
 Eyeball Short Kit Foam Wing $140.00
 Eyeball FULL kit Wood wing $210.00
 Eyeball FULL kit Foam wing $230.00


Short Kit Contents:
1  Clear vacuum formed canopy
  CNC Router Cut Parts:
4 Fuse sections per side (3 - upper and 1 - lower)
2 1/16" Ply fuse doublers
1 Set Wing Ribs or Foam wing
  Rudder, Fin, & Elevators
2 Wing saddle doublers
6 landing gear doublers
2 Landing Gear blocks
1 Set of formers
1 Firewall
  contents subject to change




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