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IMAA legal open cockpit aircraft. Great old time flyer look and entry level giant scale plane. Foam wing, with built up fuse, cowl, and tail surfaces.  Easy to build for first time giant scale builder, yet offers amazing aerobatic potential in the advanced flyer's hands. 

A fiberglass cowl for the Skyracer is now available from Fiberglass Specialties. #WWM-18

IMAA legal 84" wingspan
42cc-62cc engine

Download the PDF of the manual below. The manual is from the full kit version of the SKYRACER. It will give you an idea of what is needed to finish the kit.

Here is a picture of the built up cowl not shown in the online manual. Click on the picture for the cowl building instructions supplement for the manual.

PDF of plans will be shipped when order is shipped for local printing.

Skyracer 84" Short Kit with Foam wings $185.00
Skyracer 84" Foam Wings $60.00

Construction Manual (Download PDF)

Short Kit Contents:
  CNC Router Cut Parts:
2 Fuse Sides
2 Wing saddle doublers
1 Set of Formers and doublers
1 Stab center section
1 Fin front section
2 Front fuse doublers
1 Dihedral Brace
1 Tail wheel mount
1 Wing Mount Plates
1 Landing Gear Mount
2 Foam Wing Panels
  contents subject to change

Some Flying Pictures...


Some of the old prototype...





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