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Cessna 150

.40 Size Sport Aircraft / Trainer

Original design by P.A.C. Models, 1984

In the Bones partially built. It's easy to make a top for the cowl for a side mounted engine. Better looking and better fuel draw.  Thee is also a Precut colw front that is not shown.

.40 - .46 2-stroke / .52 -.70 4-stroke or equivalent electric motor

62" wingspan

Wing Area 620 Sq. In.

Weight 5-6 Lbs

PDF file of plans will be emailed when kit is shipped.


Cessna .40 Short Kit     $100.00
Cessna .40 Full Kit      $140.00

Shipping will be calculated at Checkout


Short Kit Contents:
  Balsa and Ply parts
2 Fuse Sides
1 Stab and Elevator
1 Fin and Rudder
1 Set Wing Ribs ( 22 ribs total)
1 Former Pack ( Includes 1/4" PLY firewall & 3 - 1/8" Lite Ply formers)
  Hardware Pack:
1 Strip Aileron Set w/connectors
2 Control Horns
1 Pre-formed Aluminum Gear
1 Nose gear with bearing and steering arm

Full Kit also includes the sticks and sheeting to finish plane

  contents subject to change


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