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Skyburner 60 Jet

for Ducted Fan

Short Kit

by Howard Carpenter

From Model Airplane News plans, 02/92

Great flying entry level ducted fan jet for a 5" Dynamax fan, or equivalent.


Wing Span = 56"

Length = 54"

Weight 9.5 lbs

Engine = .61 -.91  Cu.In. With Dynamax fan, or electric equivalent 5" fan.  This is a great project for a larger electric ducted fan.

A few changes from the plans:

1) The assembly has been made much easier by adding tabs on the formers, and matching slots on the fuse sides.

2) The fin has a notch to fit over F7 for added strength.

3) The stab has been raised 1/8" so it is level with the bottom of the fuse, instead of sticking out below it.

PDF of parts included

We are looking for a compatible canopy, and will list it on the page if we find one. A simple shaped piece of balsa will work fine.


Skyburner 60 short kit with Foam Wing, no canopy, no plans $170.00
Skyburner 60 Foam Wings only $45.00
  Skyburner plans are available from MAN Plans - FSP-02921  

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