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Prime Cut + 20


by Dick Sarpolis

Model Airplane News Magazine June 2011

90" wingspan

14.5 lbs

45cc - 50cc Gas Engine

Designed by Dick Sarpolus, the Prime Cut +20 is his latest sport-flying giant scale design. It is easy to build and fly, has aerobatic performance and can use engines in the 40cc to 50cc gasser range. Construction is basic, built-up balsa and plywood with plug-in wing panels on a strong aluminum tube spar/joiner. The canopy section is built as part of the fuselage so no separate molded plastic canopy is needed. Thick airfoil makes landings easy. Foam wings do mot have holes for tubes.

Plans are available from Model Airplane News plans.

Fiberglass Cowl & Wheelpants available from Fiberglass Specialties

Aluminum tubes and gear available from http://www.tntlandinggear.com/

Click Here for PDF of parts included

Prime Cut + 20  Short Kit  with Wood Wing 215.00
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