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Cobra Biplane

Short Kit

by Dan Santich

From Model Airplane News plans

Original Biplane built by Dave Forbes in 1975

Top Wing Span = 76"

Bottom Wing Span = 61"

Engine = Quadra 35 or larger

Foam Fin and Stab are available cut to an airfoil shape, replaces flat balsa that is sanded to shape on the plans.

Plans available from http://www.airagestore.com/plans/rc-planes/giant-scale/cobra.html

Cowl & Canopy, and Wheel Pants avaialablt from Fiberglass Specialties

Cobra Bipe Fuse short kit with wood wings $300.00
Cobra Bipe Airfoil Shaped Foam stab /elevators only $30.00
Cobra Bipe Airfoil Shaped Foam vertical fin / rudder only $25.00

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