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Sean Tucker's

Challenger II Biplane



85.75" Top Wing

80.75" Bottom Wing

85.25" fuse length

Engine 4.4 In3 and up

Wing Area 2475 In2

Weight 27 lbs.

This plane was designed by Miles Reed & Loren Prysi, with a special thanks to Sean D. Tucker, Tom Dygert, and Brian Norris for their help. We have made an agreement with the designers to produce a short kit.


Links to other info and pictures of the plane:



2 versions of Short Kit available.

Choose rounded 'Pitts-like' elevators as on the 1-800-COLLECT black Challenger or the newer 'Ultimate-like' elevators as on the red 'ORACLE' challenger

 '1-800-collect' rounded elevator version(Plans not included) $595.00
 'ORACLE' Ultimate elevator version (Plans not included) $595.00
Oracle Challenger Plans (6 sheets) Emailed as PDF for local printing $40.00

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Plans have all info for bending landing gear and cabanes for making your own. Cowl shown on plans is built up.  Any 33% to 38% Pitts or Christian Eagle Canopy should fit.


Parts List

1  Set of 18 Formers and Firewall
2  Fuse Sides
?  Misc Fuse Parts
30  Top Wing Ribs
29  Bottom Wing Ribs
7  Top Wing Cabane mount parts
6  Bottom Wing mount parts
6  Fin & Rudder Parts
2  Elevators
1  Tail Wheel Mount
1  Landing gear mount
2  I-Struts & mounts
4  Built Up Cowl Formers


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