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Jim Martin's


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SPA legal

.61 2-stroke / .70 -.91 4-stroke

 62" wingspan

This is a re-release of the original J&J kit.

The original Banshee designed by Jim Martin. Jim won many a contest with his Banshee.

Plans will be emailed in PDF format for local printing.

Canopy included with all versions.

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 Banshee with Wood Wing and Canopy $120.00
 Banshee with Foam Wing and canopy $140.00
Banshee Foam Wing $35.00
Banshee Clear Canopy Only $15.00
Short Kit Contents:
  Foam Wing or Router cut ribs for wing, and wood stab ribs (depending on version)
  CNC Router Cut Parts:
2 Fuse Sides
2 1/16" Ply fuse doublers
1 Set Stab Ribs
  Fin, Rudder & Elevators
1 Clear canopy
2 Wing saddle doublers
6 landing gear doublers
1 Set of 5 formers
1 Firewall
5 Control Horns
2 3/8" x 3/4" x 6" Landing gear blocks with clips
  contents subject to change

Banshee Pictures:

Jim Martin's original Banshee at the DCRC contest 1972, Dahlgren, VA

Jim's original Banshee - retired - 2006

Jim's original Banshee - retired - 2006


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