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By Dan Deluca



Wingspan 59.5"

.61 2C engine

Weight 6.5 - 7.5 Lbs.

Plane is SPA Legal

The Pathfinder, by Dan Deluca, was originally published in Model Airplane News, May, 1973.  The plans have been discontinued, so I re-drew the plans in CAD, using a blown up version of the plan in the article for reference.  There a re a few minor changes, I stayed as true to the original as possible.   The wing mounting/bolting method is left off the plans, since everybody has their favorite way of doing it. The Banshee canopy is available for those who want a canopy version.

PDF of plans will be emailed

Pathfinder Wood Wing Short Kit(wood wing & stab ribs) $140.00
Pathfinder Foam Wing Short Kit(foam wing & stab cores) $175.00
Pathfinder Foam Wing $45.00
Pathfinder Foam Stab $25.00
Pathfinder Canopy $15.00

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  Included Parts:
2 1/8" Fuse Sides
2 1/16" PLY Fuse Doublers
4 1/16" PLY Rib Doublers for LG mounts
  1/4" Balsa Fin, rudder, Upper and Lower Dorsal
11 Pairs of 3/32" Balsa wing ribs (not in foam wing version)
7 Pairs of 3/32" Balsa Stab ribs (not in foam wing version)
5 3/16" Balsa Formers
2 Stab Tips (3 each laminated)
3 1/8"  PLY Formers
1 1/4" Firewall
2 3/8" Elevators
1 1/8" Dihedral Brace


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