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Big - C

Giant Scale Canard

90" wingspan

42cc Gas Engine or Electric equivalent

Designed by Dick Sarpolis

AMA Magazine August 2014


The short kit and wings are separate, in case you want to cut you own foam wings and turtle decks from the templates on the plans.

Plans say 90" wing span, but the wing halves are 42.5" with tips, which is 85".  Must be a typo.

Plans available from Model Aviation (AMA)   plan #1079


Sarpolis Big C short kit (wood only, no foam wings,includes foam turtle decks)

Sarpolis Big C   Foam Wing $70.00
Sarpolis Big C   2 Turtle Decks $40.00

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Short Kit Contents:
2 Fuse Sides (1/8" balsa)
1 Firewall (3/8" PLY)
2 Formers (1/8" balsa)
5 Formers  (1/8" PLY) 
1 Former (1/4" PLY)
1 Wing Mount Tab (1/4" PLY)
1 Wing screw block (1/4" PLY)
4 Landing Gear braces (1/8" PLY)
2 Landing Gear mounts (1/4" PLY)
2 Fuse  doublers (1/16" PLY)
2 Wing saddle doublers (1/8" balsa)
1 Dihedral Brace (1/4" PLY)
2 Wing Tips(1/8" Lite PLY)
  contents subject to change


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