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RCM Trainer

By Joe Bridi

Wingspan = 58.5"

Length = 51.25"

Wing Area = 672 Sq. In.

.40 to .61 2C engine,  .40 - .75 4-stroke or Equivalent Electric Motor

Weight ~6.25 Lbs.

The plans have been modified slightly to bring it up to newer building standards, including eliminating the blocks of wood for the motor mount, and replacing them with a standard motor mount. This allows a wider variety of power plants, including electric. None of the changes affect the final plane, they just make it a little simpler to build.

Here are all the changes:

  1.  Changed to a solid firewall, with standard motor mount. As a result of this, I straightened out the nose of the plane, so it is easier to build, and there will be no problem fitting or cooling any engines / motors. Most people changed this when it was scratch built anyway.

  2.  Firewall is set to 2 degrees right thrust, and 2 degrees down thrust, so the engine is at the proper angles automatically.

  3.  The 3/16" balsa nose doublers are cut to automatically place the fire wall at the proper location and angles. The left and right set are different, so the left side set will be marked on the wood.

  4. The 1/16" PLY landing gear braces are replaced with 1/4" braces to make the gear mounting stronger.

  5. The center of the wing has been modified. The 1/4" center rib that had to be tapered by sanding to match the dihedral is gone. The inner ribs of each wing have been changed to 3/16" balsa, and a precut dihedral gauge is supplied so they can be installed at the proper angles, so the wing halves will fit together easily, at the proper dihedral. The alignment dowels are still used.

  6. The wing ribs have both building tabs for accurate building without a wing jig, and 1/4" holes for use with a wing jig.

    The kit is available with either a foam wing or a built-up wood wing.

No hardware is included.

PDF file of Plans will be emailed to buyer so they can be printed out locally.

RCM Trainer Short Kit with Wood Wing (wood wing ribs) $120.00
RCM Trainer Short Kit  with Foam Wing (foam wing cores) $145.00
RCM Trainer Foam Wing Cores Only $45.00

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2 3/16" balsa Fuselage Sides
18 3/32" balsa wing ribs (not included in Foam Version)
2 3/16" balsa center wing ribs ((not included in Foam Version)
2 3/16" balsa wing tips
2 sets 3/16" balsa front fuse doublers (Left & Right, left labeled)
2 1/4" balsa formers
1 1/4" balsa stab center section
1 1/4" balsa root rib angle gauge
1 1/4" balsa vertical fin
1 1/4" balsa rudder
1 1/4" balsa dorsal fin
1 1/4" PLY main landing gear plate
2 1/4" PLY main landing gear braces
1 1/4" PLY firewall

Contents subject to change without notice.



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