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Baby Troublemaker Pictures...

Here are some pictures of the baby Troublemaker in the bones. All of the kits will be similar construction.

These are first prototype pics, I forgot to take pics of the test flight version, before I dumb thumbed it.. :(  Not much was changed, except for cowl section added to fuse sides.


Any questions , email us....

Here is the TM layout.  Obviously a TroubleMaker. Fin slides between fuse sides and glues to the stab for strength.  Tri stock top and bottom, with top and bottom sheeting, sanded to rounded shape, the same as the original.

Tab and slot construction.  The production version has the cowl area included in the fuse sides, not separate as shown here. Firewall not installed.

Foam wings will be sheeted with 1/16" balsa.

Fuse sides before assembly.  Not much to say. Cowl section in on production version
Fin and Stab hinged and ready. Balsa 3/8" x 1/8" TE on stab for strength.
TM fuse, sheeted wing, stab, fin and dorsal fin.

6.8 ounces. 

That is most of airframe. That gives you an idea of weight.




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