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These are "NEW OLD STOCK"  , which means theywill need some surface rust cleaning to bring to like new status.  They are older, so the quality is much better than what can be purchased nowadays.



7" Total length.  3" from top to center of coil, 4" from bottom to center of coil.  
3/16" Nylon Nose Gear, with Bearings and steering arm. Giant Scale $10.00 5/32" Nylon Nose Gear  Bearing and steering arm.   $2.00
  Elevator Joiner .10 - .25 size, set of 2    $1.00
Basswood Landing Gear Mount Blocks. 3/8" x 3/4" for 5/32" Landing Gear Wire. 12" long (can make 2 @ 6" long) , plus two(2) 1" uprights, NO nylon clips  $6.00


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