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Until we get all the pricing for the foam wings set up in our shopping cart,  please call or email for prices on foam wings that don't have an 'add to cart' button.  All wings are available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

There will be markings on most wing sets:

1) Arrows on root point to the TOP of the wing.

2) Slashes are on Leading Edge.  These also help when putting cores and beds back together, make sure the lines match up.

3) R or L Outer or R or L Inner - Tells if the panel in R or L, and if it is the inner wing panel, or the outer (tip) wing panel.  Same with "Center".

When looking at the wing list, here are a few explanations of the information:

1) Wing Span & chord:

Go by the name of the plane, not the wing span.  Over the years it has been entered 2 different ways.  Some measurements show the actual wing span of the plane, some show the foam only, no wing tips. This can make a big difference. Use the wing span as a reference only.  Same thing for the chord, some are the chord of the foam only, some are for the finished wing.  It's easy for this to happen, since the list goes back about 40 years, and through 3 different owners.  This is slowly being remedied.

2) Pieces: 

* If present, this tells the number of pieces of foam make up the wing.  The vast majority are 2 pieces, one left and one right. This is standard.

* 3 pieces means there is a center section, and two outer panels, That is used on planes where the center is flat, and the outer panels have dihedral.

* 4 or more pieces is for planes like a Mustang, where there is an inner panel that has a Leading Edge Extension (LEX) and the outer panel has a different sweep, like in the picture below. There may also be a center section. A lot of gliders are this way also, although not as drastic.


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