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Hammer 40

by Dick Sarpolis

60" wingspan

.40 c. in. engine, or equivalent 4 cycle or electric

in the May, 1985 Flying Models Magazine.


The Hammer 40 is available with a one piece bolt on foam wing, or a 2 piece foam wing using a 3/4" x 24" wing tube. 

Wing tube holes are cut in the 2 piece foam wing.

Click here to view wood parts included in short kit

Plans are available here

Hammer 40 Short Kit with 1 piece Foam Wing


Hammer 40 1 piece Foam Wing


Hammer 40 Short Kit with 2 piece Foam Wing (3/4" wing tube not included)


Hammer 40 2 piece Foam Wing with wing tube holes cut (3/4" wing tube not included)

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