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Ugly Stick 60

Short Kit

by Phil Kraft

The 'Classic Ugly Stick' originally designed by Phil Kraft, re-engineered in CAD format by Guy Fuller in 1997, and more recently designed stronger with a true airfoil (see data on plans), and much more building info with with accurate parts and measurements by Jason Niemier in 2007  

Wing Span = 65"

Engine = .61 cu.in. 2 stroke, or equivalent 4 stroke or electric

The classic Ugly Stick can be ordered with wood wing , or with a foam wing. The fuse, wood wing, or foam wing can also be ordered separately. Scalloped ailerons, and cut wing tips are included with foam or wood wings

You have the choice of how the LE of the wing ribs is cut.

The plans show a round dowel for the LE, and sheeting up to the dowel.  If you prefer to have the ribs cut off straight, and use a 3/8" piece of balsa for the LE, and sand to shape, select the 'Balsa leading edge option' below.  This applies to the wood wing short kit, and the wing purchased separately.  Foam Wing automatically has balsa LE

A Balsa Wood Kit to finish the Ugly Stick 60 is now available.  This turns the Short Kit into  a full balsa wood kit, includes all balsa sticks and sheeting to finish plane. No hardware included.

Plans can be downloaded here Sheet1    Sheet 2   so you can get them printed locally.  Printed plans NOT included in short kit.

Picture of parts included

Ugly Stick 60 short kit with Wood Wing $135.00
Ugly Stick 60 short kit with Foam Wing $150.00
Balsa leading edge option (click to add option) 0.00
Ugly Stick 60 Foam wing (cut for balsa LE) $45.00
Ugly Stick 60 Finish Wood Kit - For Foam Wing version $90.00
Ugly Stick 60 Finish Wood Kit - For Wood Wing version - Round Dowel LE $90.00
Ugly Stick 60 Finish Wood Kit - For Wood Wing version - Flat Balsa  LE $90.00

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