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Short Kits from Ziroli Plans

We sell the following short kits from Nick Ziroli plans. More are on the way. All parts are CNC router cut. 

Short kits do not come with plans.

Plans and more info available from http://www.ziroliplans.com

From Nick Ziroli Plans (all plans available from www.ziroliplans.com)
Ziroli Taube   $165.00

Ziroli DR-1 Triplane $225.00

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Ziroli P-38 114" WS

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Ziroli P-47, 92" ws

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Ziroli C-45 / D-18, 114"ws


included parts



Ziroli C-47 / DC-3



Included parts



Ziroli Stuka, 100" ws


Included parts



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