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Pattern/Sport Planes

'Baby' pattern kits

Lightning F3A Insight V4

Vintage Pattern Planes

Banshee Blue Angel Beachcomber
Compensator Curare Cutlass
Daddy Rabbit 1 Daddy Rabbit 98/V1.5 Dirty Birdy

EU-1 Eyeball

Hammer 40

Gator Flea J-Bipe Kaos 60 (RCM #421)
Kaos 90 Mach 1 Mustang X
  Omen II 92"ws  
Pathfinder Phantom 1 Phoenix 1
Revenger   Simla
  Sun Fli 4 Super Kaos Jr (RCM #554)
Super Kaos 60 (RCM #526) Super Sicroli II Sweetater
Tiger Tail Tiporare Trouble Maker


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